Miyoshi Kondo

gouache paintings on paper

I am a Nova Scotia based artist with a BFA from NSCAD University (2004). I originally began painting with gouache to render my textile patterns. Gouache was the material of choice for this because of the range of colours that can be mixed and the flat, matte finish. I love the medium but began to stray from repeat patterns. Inspiration came from the decay of flora. I would try to capture the beauty of movement and patterns that emerge as the flora wilt and dry. Colour gives vibrancy in remembrance of the previous life contained within each being.

Still using colour and outline to bring the elements of my paintings to life I have been exploring ideas of how we live and interact with our varying environments. My current works explore the relationships between our constructed and natural environments. As humans we carve out our living spaces everywhere, anywhere. We constantly struggle to control nature. If we neglect to maintain our hold it creeps in with equal determination. I wonder about the destruction we inflict, the futility and the success of our efforts for dominance. With our growing population we seem to distance ourselves from our environment and each other.