Miyoshi Kondo

gouache paintings on paper

Floral And Fruity

"Moon Bean" 6"x6" 2015

"The Herd" 6"x6" 2015, Sold

"Garlic" 8"x8" 2014, Sold

"Garlic Undone" 12"x12" 2014

"Dragon Fruit" 20"x20" 2010, Sold

"Sugar Apple" 20"x20" 2010, Sold

"Guava" 20"x20" 2010, Sold

"Fallen" 14"x14" 2005, Sold

"Irises" 8"x11" 2006, Sold

"Mangosteen I" 12"x12" 2010

"Mangosteen II" 12"x12" 2010

"Mangosteen III" 12"x12" 2010

"Mirror, Mirror, On The Wall" 8"x8" 2010, Sold

"Taste But One" 8"x8" 2009, Sold