Miyoshi Kondo

gouache paintings on paper


"Take Me Home" 20"x12" 2016, Sold

"Holdout" 28"x21" 2015, Sold

"Marco?" 14"x16" 2015

"Post Modern Pioneers" 17"x18" 2015, Sold

"Bumper Crop" 13"x14" 2010, Sold

"Darker Lights" 11"15" 2012

"From Whence They Came" 37"x29" 2012

"Green Living" 15"x13" 2010, Sold

"Hanging On A Wire" 12"x12" 2010, Sold

"Home Grown" 28"x21" 2010, Sold

"Houses On Hills" 29"x21" 2007, Sold

"Interlopers" 20"x21" 2009, Sold

"King Of The Castle" 8"x10" 2009, Sold

"Mi Casa Es Su Casa" 2009, Sold

"Moving Day" 42"x42" 2011, Sold

"Safely Connected" 12"x9" 2010, Sold

"Spring Cleaning" 13"x22" 2008, Sold

"Stacked" 7"x17" 2008, Sold

"Take Off" 36"x26" 2011, Sold

"Treehouse" 19"x12" 2009, Sold

"Up On A Wire" 12"x12" 2010, Sold

"When I Grow Up" 11"x18" 2013